Woven Shawl


Beautiful woven shawl made from our 100% Manx Loaghtan Wool.

Beautiful woven shawl made from our 100% Manx Loaghtan Wool.

There is a subtle pattern woven into the design. It uses 2 ply on the warp, single ply on the weft so is light but warm and drapes beautifully. This shawl can also be worn as a scarf.

It measures 160 x 45cm (63 x 17 inches) and weighs 180g (6oz). Hand wash only.

Our award winning wool is naturally a rich brown colour and comes directly from our rare breed flock of Manx Loaghtans here at Ballacosnahan Farm on the Isle of Man.

For over 12 years we have been breeding for good wool, the rams chosen each year not only have to have excellent physical Loaghtan characteristics but also first class wool, namely the inner fleece has to have an even dark brown with no white “cobwebbing”. As a result we now have a flock producing first class wool. We have won best Manx Loaghtan fleece at the Royal Manx Agricultural show EVERY year since 2006 and best fleece in the whole show 6 times. As you might have guessed we are very proud of our wool! It is the softest Loaghtan wool in a lovely dark brown colour.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or visit our website manxloaghtanproduce.com.

Thank you for helping to support a rare breed. These sheep are listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust “at risk” list and do need help to survive.
Colour Brown

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