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The Manx Loaghtan Wool Shop

We are very proud of our farm shop which opened in 2019. We outgrew sending our products from the kitchen table. The house was beginning to fill up with boxes of wool, so we took the plunge and built our shop on the farm.

The shop not only sells all our wool and wool products but also the delicious Loaghtan meat. Soon we will have Manx Loaghtan sheep grazing by the shop. The shop, the sheep and the farm walk will soon become a visitor attraction.

We have also teamed up with The Grill Pit who will have their red double decker bus parked by the shop. It is fitted out with a full commercial kitchen and seating area offering a delightful café. They will of course be offering various Manx Loaghtan products such as Manx Loaghtan sausages, burgers, meat balls, pulled Loaghtan and much more.

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