Wool Ball Loaghtan 4 Ply


4 ply 100% pure Manx Loaghtan wool.

4 ply 100% pure Manx Loaghtan wool.

The term 4 ply is confusing, this is the UK name as it is in fact only 2 ply! It is finer than Double knit and popular with our Scandinavian customers. It comes in 50g balls. The approximate length is 172m or 188yds per 50g ball.

Manx Loaghtan wool is much sought after but in short supply as there are less than 7000 sheep in the world. The fleeces are soft, close textured and lustrous, moderately heavily oiled. The staple varies between 70-100mm and when spun produces a naturally warm dark brown colour. It is also excellent for hand spinning. Once knitted it is soft yet robust so is very versatile.

For over 12 years we have been breeding for good wool, the rams chosen each year not only have to have excellent physical Loaghtan characteristics but also first class wool namely under the sun-bleached paler outer fleece they have to have an even dark brown with no white “cobwebbing”. As a result we now have a flock producing first class wool. Our commercial (rare breed wool) spinner says it is the best Manx Loaghtan wool he has ever handled in over 40 years. We have won best Manx Loaghtan fleece at the Royal Manx Agricultural show EVERY year since 2006 and best fleece in the whole show 6 times. As you might have guessed we are very proud of our wool! it is the softest Loaghtan wool in a lovely dark brown colour.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch (we love you sending pictures of your projects knitted from our wool), email us at hello [!at] manxloaghtanproduce.com

Thank you for helping to support a rare breed.
Wool Weight 4 Ply
Colour Brown
Weight (grams) 50
Length 188 yards

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